Jason Kain Back on Drums

Feb 19th, 2017

Since the middle of January Jason Kain, our church's longtime drummer, has been hospitalized & recovering from a severe and near-fatal medical condition. Unable to move for the longest amount of time, he could be seen sitting and longfully yearning to play the drums.

The praise and worship team greatly missed his style of drumming and a temporary drummer was found to play in Jason's place. Josh Spann, an avid musician and beginner on the drums, was able to hold a beat most of the time. However, he could not compare as the total beginner he was to Jason's amazing years of experience. He admitted "The Bible says 'Make a joyful noise to the Lord', but didn't say how to do it!" Even Pastor Bo Schultz could not match Jason's drumming technique.

Everyone's prayers were answered and everyone was overjoyed to see Jason walk in this Sunday morning and take hold of the drums once again. Though he was rusty, Jason was still able to play those rhythms and rolls that make him stand above other drummers. This is a wonderful blessing from God as Jason was nearly dead one month ago. The excitement could be seen and felt in the audience as God brought His faithful, dumming servant back to play for Him. This Sunday was proof that God answers the prayers of His people.

Young Couple Renews Vows

Feb 12th, 2017

After 12 years of marriage, both Daniel & Toni Jackson renewed their vows after church service on Feb 12th, 2017. They and their 3 children were dressed up for the occasion and had a decent turnout to the service. At least 26 people attended to celebrate such a great and rare occasion.

They renewed the commitment they made when they were first married. The look on the family's face was beautiful and full of such joy and love. After the vows, the pastor annointed them with oil and prayed over the rest of their marriage. A resounding "Amen!" ended the prayer from the whole congregation, trumpeting in the dawn of many more years of jubilant matrimony.

The couple stated that "It was rough", but God held them together through hard times and they are certain that He will in the future. Nobody knows what God's plan for them is, but we know that it is important and it has been recognized.

West-Alton Church Can Revive with Help

Feb 5th, 2017

A closed church in West-Alton has a chance for revival in the coming months. Fieldon Baptist Church acquired the former property of West-Alton Community Church and has plans to give their support to help revive and bring the dead church back up on its feet. A recent trustee meeting declared a unanimous motion to move forward with the project.

The project will include an influx of familiar FBC faces that will minister from time to time at the new building. This provides an opportunity for many small ministries to grow and cater to an audience that is otherwise difficult to find. Pastor Bo Schultz views the opportunity as a chance for a great move of God, though he will need lots of help to achieve God's goal.

At the start, it may just be a few night services and special events. The goal is to revive the community with a church that is independent and self-sufficient. As time moves on, there will be more involvement and the hopes that God will put it on someone's heart to lead the church after it gets back on its feet. The goal of the church is to be a non-denominational repository of the Holy Spirit and unbiased knowledge of God's Word given in the Bible.

A revival is scheduled to take place sometime during late May or Early June. The revival will feature some of our praise team and will be the re-opening of the now dead church. It will involve members from both FBC and Kingdom Increase.

If you feel that God may want you to become involved in this ministry, you may contact pastor Bo Schultz at (618)-977-8490 or Fieldon Baptist Church at (618)-376-3710 to learn more and see if you can become part of this great move of God!